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Welcome to our website Hikari dojo! 

Our club practices the two oldest Japanese martial arts, Iaido and Jodo. Over the past 11 years, we have reached the highest level in Europe by constantly improving ourselves at seminars, competitions and exams that are part of our dojo life. We gain experience and knowledge from the best European and Japanese teachers and represent our club at the European level with our decent and conscientious work. With such a method and approach, we guide all interested parties right from the start, and we mainly emphasize correct posture, improving coordination, developing speed and accuracy. 

Both Iaido and Jodo originated in Japan at a time of strict ethics and etiquette, and strict adherence to tradition and discipline. These principles have persisted in training methods in Japan to the present day. We try to apply this learning style in our club as well, because this is the only way each of us can gain mental resilience and self-confidence. By following these principles for many years, we have become the most successful club in the history of the Slovak Kendo Federation. Nowhere else can you find multiple European champions in Iaido and Jodo. We believe that everyone who does not mind working hard on themselves, who prefers the individual approach of the teacher and everyone who does not give up after the first failure, will be led by their desire for self-improvement to our trainings. 

If you have not yet been discouraged by the described training difficulty, you have the first training week for free!


Budo camp Varna 2024

XV. Summere Budo Camp in Varna

Po pätnástykrát sa v Bulharskom prímorskom meste Varna stretli fanúšikovia japonských bojových umení iaidó a džódó. Viacerí…
Kensei Iaido Taikai Prague

Kensei Taikai in Prague

Kensei Iaidó Taikai, ktorého prvý ročník sa konal v roku 2010, súťaž, ktorá sa pravidelne…
Jodo Seminar Bari

Jodo Seminar in Bari

Po roku a prvej pozitívnej skúsenosti sa Adriana a Marián opäť vybrali do Talianska, aby…
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