What We Said

Our statements made during trainings, seminars and competitions

Summer gasshuku in Bulgaria:
Leonid's wife looking at Kristína, Adriana and Marián: she looks like her mother, ... but she's completely like her father!

Iaido seminar:
Matej: That was a good seminar. My arm is completely shredded ... oh, I can see my vein.

Jodo training:
Adriana: Your zanshin is too long. This is jodo, not iaido. You have to shorten it!
Marián: I don't do zanshin. It's already zazen ...

Iaido training:
Marián: Show me some kata so I can pretend I'm looking at you...

European Iaido Championship 2022:
... and you know when you do this in sanpogiri ... this "huh" at your opponent

Matej: Well „huh“!
Adriana: Seme?
Matej: Yes!

Iaido training:
Why don't you practise?
I came to see how you are doing.

Adriana: Everything is perfect here! You can keep practising.

Iaido training:
Do I look like the same when I practise morote tsuki (looking at Tomáš)?
No. He is your caricature.

Tomáš: But I'm slowly getting closer to the original!

Iaido training:
In ippon me mae you cut to deep like muso shinden.
Never scold me like that again!!!

Erika: Won't Marián and you take such a photo in the nature? But not wearing your white iaido set, there's a patch on your knee... or do you want to show the fukaku?
Adriana: No, that was a nail sticking out of the parquet.

In the car on the way home from the seminar:
Erika's "cryptographic" statement of Inazuma:
Only tears left...!”
(and Adriana's laughter in the background)

Tomáš: And we won't have some gasshuku?
Adriana: In the summer we usually go to Poland for summer gasshuku. We practice 3 days of jodo and 3 days of iaido.
He means the evening barbecue and beer, not practice.
Adriana: And who will do the hardwork? Me?
Well! You know that my spiritual animal is a koala. I eat steaks like eucalyptus leaves.

Jodo training:
Marco: One end of Mrs. Adriana's Jo smells like Polish chocolate.

Iaido training when Marián was on business trip:
Shall we go for a beer?
Is your iaido good?
We will never go for a beer?

Erika practising tamiya koryu kata:
Adriana: Lift your body higher.
Erika: You know, at tamiya we have kata in very low position and I want to stay as low as possible.
Adriana: I know that cobra wants to crawl, but lift your body higher to make it naturally.

Iaido training:
Erika: Adriana, if only you had as much self-reflection as Tomáš has self-confidence!

The summary of how many medals our dojo has from the European Championships:
Marián: No one can do this in Slovakia.
Adriana: Only we can overcome ourselves.

Jodo meeting at training. One of the points we will focus on during the next year:
Adriana: the first 6 kata must be excellent. The other 6 kata must be... perfect.
There was silence for a long time...
Erika: I'm wondering what the difference is...
Adriana: Well, we have to practice the first 6 kata like a little God, and the other 6 kata are enough if they are only perfect.
Erika: It's clear to me now!

EJC 2019 Zawiercie after the team competition, when Slovakia won the gold:
One of the judges stopped at us: The fact that you won the gold is your hard work over the years and not Watanabe's.
Marián: If only everyone knew...
The referee: Everyone knows it!

EJC 2019:
Watanabe: Marián, what is the vision especially for Sunday?
Marián: (like an excavator looks at Watanabe)
Adriana: Shall we go?!!
Marián: We will practise jodo.

Rasťo to Marián before EJC 2019:
No one practises together as much throughout Europe as you do. If only you believed in yourself as much as I believe in you!

Marián: Tomáš, you've either grown or gained weight, because your hakama is short.
Adriana: When I lose weight, I always have my hakama down to the floor. You know when my stomach is even flatter than normal.
Tomáš: If I'm flatter, I'll be invisible.

Erika told Marián and Adriana at jodo training:
The reason why you're so good is, that you always practise with not very good guys (did she mean herself?).

Erika: How do you say soup in Russian?
Vladislav: sup
Erika wanted to explain to Vladislav that in Slovak, a vulture is a bird that eats carrion. Since she doesn't know how to say corpse in English, she tried a combination of 2 languages: "meghalt sabaka

Marián: Hey Tomáš. You were nominated for teams at EIC 2019.
Tomáš: And who else is in the team?
Marián: Adriana, Erika's husband and uncle Ivo.
Tomáš: Weeell... good team, except for those two.

Tomáš's iaido exams for the 1st kyu, Turčianske Teplice 2019:
Adriana: You were the best.
Tomáš: I was a rose among thorns.

Jodo training:
Erika: Adriana, your ego won't let you do it wrong!

Polish Iaido Championship 2018:
Erika: Why didn't you give me a flag?
Lukáš wiping his forehead in a 'Star Wars' tenugui: Use the force!

Adriana after kirioroshi: See the ki flowing through my hands into the kissaki…
Marián: Today it's more about the rapping than cutting!?

Marián wearing the montsuki for the first time:
Are you playing batman today?
Erika after arriving at training:
Are you a bat today?

Iaido training:
Don't laugh at me, you can't do it either!
But at least I look good in my hakama. 

Jodo training:
Marián, you can't do that!
Marián: I do it because...
I am not interested in a detailed analysis of your imperfection!

Jodo training:
Don't raise your Jo higher from mouth to eyes.
Adriana: That's my zanshin. Zanshin is mental correction.

Jodo training:
Tomáš! Elbows!!!
Tomáš: Before training, I was thinking why I always straight them. I have a short humerus…

Jodo training:
Samuel, tell Kristína something she could improve.
Samuel: ... I'm just quietly envious...

Adriana: You don't do it correctly ...
Don't tell me anything!
Adriana: I'm such a small cavity under an amalgam tooth filling.

Marián: Tomáš, which was correct? The first or the second one?
The second one.
Marián: And why don't you practise it that way?
I needed to point out my mistakes...

After one hour of practising Ippon Me Mae:
Can I go outside for a cigarette?
Marián: No.
You know, I'm nervous that I can't do it correctly.

Tomáš: Why should I help recruit new members? I am here alone with the European champions.
That's great for me.

Marián: You're doing it wrong!
I can afford it. I practise for a short time.

Adam(H): So Ippon Me Mae is like going after a pineapple?
I do not care. You can imagine a pineapple head there.

Iaido training:
Today, everyone has a problem with gravity.
Adriana: I shouldn't have eaten that ham before training. It somehow pulls me forward.

Iaido training:
Kata number seven and nine are similar but amusingly different.

Jodo training:
You stand like Superman in the air.
Marián: No, it's the Matrix.

Jodo training:
I have an imaginary opponent. Blinds in the corner.

Jodo training:
You use a lot of force.
Jana: Well... force of habit.

Adam (H): The sword went too fast. I guess it surprised me

Jana: ... but I had this ... that ... cashews ...
Adriana: What?
Jana: Well, that what starts with K ...
Adriana: Ki ken tai ichi?
Jana: But the first letter was correct.

Jodo training:
Adriana (to Marián):
You're going into Kamae like a little seal jumping into the water.

While practicing Koryu:
I press the button and the installation starts and at the end it asks me if I want to reformat...
Marián: After installation it asks me if I want to upgrade... Then it gets stuck and installs a lower version.
Adriana: I don't use Windows.
Erika, Marián: And what do you use?
Adriana: Nothing. Empty minds…

Adriana (to Jana): If you want your head to go backwards, you have to do it with your legs.

Jana: The fact that I have no energy today is your fault, Adriana. I have a muscle soreness since yesterday.
Adriana: But we didn't have training yesterday.

Marián: And now try to cut in two planes.
Adriana: I can only cut in one plane, I'm 1D, not 2D or 3D.

Adriana: My muscles became mentally lazy.

Marián: When the floor is slippery, I slide into the correct position. When the floor is
unfriendly, I have to do the technique correctly.

Jodo training:
Don't read my mind.
Adriana: I can read you easily. You are like a blank book.

Marián: Pavol, have you tried the knee pads I sent you yet?
Paľo: I had them in my hand. They will be good.
Marián: Pavol, but those are knee pads, not arm pads.

While practising Sanpogiri:
Števo a Rišo:
At what angle is the opponent coming?

Adriana: Marián, you are like Zen sometimes. About nothing.

Adriana: I have a new hakama for jodo practice.
Nika: Adriana, you were always just about fashion.

Marián: Števo, if you don't stop, I'll let you leach out.

Hungarian Iaido Taikai 2013 (after the opening ceremony):
Marián, I'm sorry. I took your iaito by mistake.

Marián: Adriana, your cut wasn't horizontal.
Adriana: You can't see it correctly because you are sitting on two tatami and one is lower than the other.

Adriana: Your cut is wrong!
Marián: I know …
Adriana: Can you cut correctly?
Marián: This is what I don't know ...

Shinbukan Iaido Taikai 2012:
Do you want bio - apricots?

After team final:
Števo: When Marián lost the match, I got so angry that I won!
Števo: We won because we ate bio - apricots.

Kensei Iaido Taikai 2011 receiving the first prize (Kabuto) in the Team competition:

Števo, Aďa, Marián: We are here at home!

Števo: I changed order of the kata.
Marián: Števo, you're so good that only you can beat yourself.

Kensei Iaido Taikai 2010:
Marián: Adriana, you ran out of time!
Adriana: Yes, I know. I saw the yellow flag. But I really enjoyed it very much.
Marián: So enjoy your match faster!

Koryu Iaido Taikai Warsaw 2012:
Tomáš Kyncl: Adriana, you go on shiai as if you walked into a room with 20 guys and asked:

"Who raped my daughter?"

Polish Iaido Championship 2011 after the victory at Team competition:
Tomáš Kyncl: Marián, today you were even better than Adriana.

Stefan's reaction to Ivo's Fighting Spirit: That's such a small diploma.

Adriana's reaction to her first Fighting Spirit: My first F*cking Spirit.

Adriana on Saturday morning: I dreamed about Iaido.
Marián: That doesn't mean you shouldn't go to training.

Marián: Why haven't you been practising for the last 2 weeks?
Caki: Adriana broke my spirit.

Marián: Števo, I wanted you to come to practise regularly. I can't say anything. You
really practise regularly. Once every six months.

Nika: The law of improvability does not apply to many people.

Erika: Try smooth transition from one technique to another.

Marián: Adam (H), are you holding that sword or are you holding on to that sword?
Adam (H): I co-operate with my sword.
Marián: Like symbiosis?

Marián: Adam (K), you don't co-operate with your sword?
Adam (K): I'm trying.
Marián: You're a parasite on your sword.

Marián: Adam (K), cut properly.
Adam (K): I'll attempt.
Adriana: Just no attempts. It's not a chemistry lesson.

New Year's resolutions for 2012 in Iaido and Jodo:

Nika: I will relax more.
Caki: I will improve my fighting spirit.
Ivo: I will try to come for a practice.
Adriana: I will practise Iaido and Jodo.
Števo: I will be a good and honest person.